Staff Software Engineer @ Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Jan '15 - Present
Engineering Lead for Release Engineering Team (2018)
  • Deployed Cloud Foundry under different configurations to CI environments 50+ times each week
  • Reduced the number of configuration file lines from 60K+ to 17K without removing functionality
  • Designed and built a self-service system to enable teams across the organization to integrate changes
Engineer for Cloud Foundry API (CAPI) Team (2017)
  • Developed microservices using Go and Ruby on Rails for the Cloud Foundry Control Plane
  • Designed a reusable system for engineers to claim an already deployed environment for manual testing, saving hours each week in wasted developer productivity across the company
Engineering Lead for BOSH CPI Team (2016)
  • Developed components to deploy Cloud Foundry across AWS, GCP, vSphere, or Azure by abstracting away the infrastructure from the rest of the deployment system
  • Created Google CPI to deploy Cloud Foundry to Google Cloud Platform and worked with Google engineers to transfer ownership of the codebase to Google
Engineering Lead for Core Services Team (2015)
  • Maintained the managed MySQL service for Cloud Foundry
  • Designed and implemented a streaming backup solution to encrypt and compress backups before uploading to a blobstore

Extreme Blue Intern @ IBM

May '14 - Aug '14
  • One of only 32 hires out of 1,800 applicants (<2% acceptance rate)
  • Built system to allow non-technical users to deploy solutions to IBM's Bluemix cloud hosting service
  • Utilized Vagrant, Docker, and Cloud Foundry to standardize development and production environments
  • Pitched project to executives and distinguished engineers on a weekly basis


University of Southern California

M.S. in Computer Science, spec. in Software Engineering

Graduated: Dec '14
GPA: 4.00

Ball State University

B.S. in Computer Science

Graduated: Dec '12
GPA: 3.95


Written production code with:

Go, Ruby, Bash, SQL

Played around with:

Java, JavaScript, CSS/LESS/SASS

Deployed with:

Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, ConcourseCI, Terraform, Ansible

Deployed to:

Google Cloud, AWS, vSphere, Azure

Developed by:

Test Driven Development, Pair Programming


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